What we offer

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Selling or buying a property is, most often, something that happens once in a lifetime, that’s why, the best you can do is to appeal the professional knowledge of a real estate agency that will represent your interests.

Why to call a real estate agent?

Every day he has to deal with hundreds of requests and offers for homes. A professional real estate agent will tell you what homes are for sale, for what prices, and what you should check in a house. He also gives you information about site, area, neighborhoods or markets in close proximity. He will tell you everything you should know about documentation to be prepared for the sale purchase acts mortgage, who has the right to sell the house etc.

For selling a property there are several steps that we go through together:

Pricing – we understand that  your property has a sentimental value for you and therefore you hope to get a higher price for it. In fact, the situation should be viewed realistically.

Our agency will offer you free advice to help you get a realistic price assessment.

Advertising – In order to sell, your offer must be made public. We promote your offer using the most modern forms of advertising: internet, local and national publications, business journals etc. without taking away your possibility to appeal to other companies.

Selection of offers received in order of importance and negotiation.

It is better for you to consider all offers firmly received and pay attention to the payment methods offered by each buyer.

Negotiatinge the price depends largely on all these offers and release conditions of the property that you offer.

Preparation of documents for transcription of the building and the contract of sale

Before putting the property on sale it is necessary to ensure that all documents are in order, e.g. if the building is tabulated and said to finance, sequence is completed, taxes are paid to date, mortgage is removed from the task sheet of the building. You can lose a very good offer if all these are not in order.

With us you can avoid unpleasant situations such as:               

Transform your property into a museum with dozens of visitors more or less interested.

Waste of time, energy and money for preparing the sale documentation for sale, market research and finding potential buyers.

Getting involveding in transactions that could have the most unpleasant consequences.

Failure to complete the transaction once started.

Inconvenience arising from incorrect assessment of the building.

For buying a property, the first thing you need to do is to be very well informed. Data can be informal (friends, acquaintances, colleagues) and formal (real estate ads in newspapers and publications or information obtained directly from estate agencies that you can call to find you a house). With us, you will find qualified staff that will provide safety and optimal conditions to complete the transaction.

Buying a house is one of those experiences that give us a sense of fulfillment and is also one of the most challenging experiences. If you buy property for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. Even if you have been through this process several times, every move is different, and may be packed with new surprises.

We fully understand your wishes, needs and personal preferences and we want to prove that you can rely on our personal and professional expertise.